Scholarship Application Form

Application Deadline – May 17, 2021
Scholarship applications are only being accepted for Summer Camps, ages 17 and under.

Please fill out this application in its entirety. Scholarships will be awarded based upon financial need, interest and ability. The number of scholarships and the amounts given are determined by donations made to the Scholarship Fund. For this reason, not every applicant may receive a scholarship award.

If selected, you will be asked for documentation to support the data you provide. Likewise, all correspondence and award agreements will be generated from the personal information submitted below. So, please use proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

I. Personal Data


Demographic Information

Information regarding gender, ethnic origin and race are required. The information is requested for post-scholarship grant reporting only and in no way affects your selection for a scholarship award. However, providing this information may increase your opportunities for scholarships where donors have asked that priority consideration be given to students meeting certain demographic criteria (such as minority status, area of study, etc.)

II. Interest in Art

If under age 14, please have this section filled out by a parent, guardian or teacher, otherwise please fill out in your own words. Limit to 150 words or less.

III. Camps

Please provide full title and dates of the camps you are interested in.

IV. Financial Information

Please note that if you are awarded a scholarship, you will be asked to provide proof of total household income.

Applicant's E-Signature

By signing (typing your legal name) in the space below, you are certifying that all information is correct and that you are the person (or parent/guardian) completing this application. When you press the submit button, you will receive an email confirmation that your application was received. Please print for your records and retain as verification of your application.

Silvermine Arts Center is committed to equal opportunity in employment and education. Silvermine does not discriminate in any program or activity on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, marital status, or any other protected class.