Meet Our Staff



Barbara Linarducci
CEO, Vice Chair
203.966.9700 x15
Lisa Scroggins
Marketing/Development Manager
203.966.9700 x29
Kate Muldoon
203.966.9700 x16
Susan Hodgson
Social Media
203.966.9700 x16

School of Art

Kelly O'Sullivan
Arts Education Manager
203.966.9700 x12
Claire Cohen
School Operations Manager
203.966.9700 x13
Megan Maloney
203.966.9700 x10
Jim Detlefs


Roger Mudre
Gallery Director
203.966.9700 x26
Emily Bockisch
Gallery Assistant
203.966.9700 x20

Outreach Education

Missy Savard
Outreach Education Coordinator
203.966.9700 x19


Leigh Mickelson
Lori Marrone
Finance Manager
Gwen North Reiss
Public Relations

Meet Our Board

Rose-Marie Fox
Board Chair
Investment Banker (retired);
MBA Wharton; Guild Artist
Barbara Linarducci
Vice-Chair, ex-officio
CEO; Software Industry Executive Kronos; Lucent/Avaya (retired)
Grace Tang
Assurance Partner, PwC (retired);
Certified Public Accountant
Mark Carta
Partner, Carta, McAllister & Moore Law Firm
Stephanie Joyce
Guild Artist
William Hilson
Entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor CCE at Pratt Institute
Michelle Loh
Former Art Gallery Director; Consultant and Curator
Roger Mudre
Gallery Director; Guild Artist,
Guild Co-Chair
Karen Neems
Guild Artist; Published
Jon Puzzuoli
Instructor; Guild Artist,
Guild Co-Chair
Svetlin Tchakarov
Director of Sales and Marketing- DIAGEO
Dmitri Wright
Professional Artist, Faculty Member