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Do you want to know more about the portfolio process of applying to and attending an art school? This presentation will give you suggestions for building a strong portfolio. This is perfect for juniors, seniors, or AP students who wish to pursue an education in art and design and want to explore art schools and art programs. The event is unique will give ten students the opportunity to meet individually with a professional who can provide valuable feedback and guidance on your portfolio of work (i.e. artwork, sketches, designs, and creative materials).

The last hour, Shannon will have time to review ten student’s portfolios. This is an opportunity to share your portfolio with one of the leading representatives from an art university. Since the review is limited to just 10 students, we require registrations. The cap of 10 students is absolutely final.

Each student will have 10 to 15 for their review. Your portfolio should have no more than 20 pieces of your best and most recent work, but it can also include works in progress, sketchbooks and tear sheets. Please feel free to bring your computer.

High school students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and college transfer students are encouraged to attend.

Shannon Carey is a BFA specialist at Lesley University and a lifelong Fairfield County Resident. She received her BFA, Art Teacher Education from Belmont University and her MA, Art Education from Boston University. As a certified art teacher, she enjoys working with the presentation and always focus on the educational process first and want students to feel prepared for the art school application process.