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Nathaniel Galka

Nathaniel Galka’s work is first and for most based off of art history and the cultural aesthetics of many different centuries. He works with multitudes of references of art that have stimulated and inspired him, along with many others through a millennium of time. He has recently been referencing his art by gathering knowledge of Asian arts from the 12th and 13th century, primarily woodblock prints from Korea and China along with another period is with the historical Japanese Sumi painting of the 17th century. As far as western European influence, undoubtably it is the “vanitas” or still life painters of the Netherlands along with Chinoiserie decorative arts of the 18th century French aristocracy court. As far as current history, he speak to abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock and Rothko. With an accumulation of styles to honor history in his, one will find it is where he has found a universal language. He shows through his paintings that one of the ways we speak as a culture is within the aesthetic of beauty and beautiful things. Beauty as it is, speaks to a greater consciousness. Art when beautiful, sustains time and allows its viewers less resistance to see what an...Read More